Some of our horses get their start at the Texas Tech Equestrian Center.
This young horse is experiencing cutting training with a buffalo.

About Us

Welcome to C~G Quarter Horses.
Established by Camille and George Briggs, located in the southwest corner of Lubbock County in West Texas.
We pride ourselves in breeding quality horses from the foundation of the quarter horse industry. Using the  fabulous sires from the Four Sixes Ranch as our basis, we further our quest to develop a very versatile and sturdy working ranch horse.
Little did we know that a business friendship would set us up for a dream come true. With valuable advice from long-time clients and friends, Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Blodgett of the Four Sixes ranch, as well as helpful information from many other friends has set us on our path. This being breeding very nice, correct and versatile stock.
Call anytime. We'd love to show you our horses.

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